A City Girls Take On All Things ORGANIC


Since Sara’s Organic Eats is about letting you all in on the organic industry from my take, I felt I needed to explain the significance of my website tagline “A City Girls Take On All Things Organic.” As you may have read on my About Me, I am from South Florida and grew up in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale. City life down south is different from most metropolitan cities. The main difference is that South Florida is very spread out whereas other cities are much more condensed. In addition, I live a couple of weeks out of the year in New York City and I also travel to other cities where I like to explore and find “all things organic.” No matter where I am at and no matter where I go, I am always on the hunt for “all things organic.” This predominately includes organic products, organic groceries stores, and organic restaurants. I love searching for cool organic products that I can only find in specific cities. Ultimately, it is easier to fuel my passion in major cities where organic restaurants and grocery stores are much more prevalent.

Sara’s Organic Eats was created from all of my personal stories, my organic journey, my travels,  and my love for “all things organic” so that I can share with all of you. Hopefully I can inspire you with my passion for “all things organic” and let you in on all the cool organic products, foods, and places that I have found throughout the cities that I visit or from my own backyard. So from this honorary city girl to you, please enjoy Sara’s Organic Eats and my take on “all things organic.”