Make America Organic Again




2016, the year of desperate need for many changes! But the one that must change is, it is time to MAKE AMERICA ORGANIC AGAIN!

Just 70 years ago, everything was organic here in America and it was just food. We didn’t have health food stores back then, we just had grocery stores. And not even huge grocery stores but local corner stores. You know, the places where you walked in and you knew the owners and the employees and they knew you and your family. What happened to that?

Without getting too controversial, we all know what happened.

Also, there were more farms back then that weren’t using harmful chemicals and pesticides. You knew the farmer and just exactly how your food was grown and raised. That has changed drastically with the existence of factory farms.

Back then, healthy food didn’t divide us from the wealthy and poor. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear someone say they can’t afford to buy organic food. Food is not a luxury and everyone deserves to eat food without GMO’s, chemicals, harmful substances, and pesticides regardless of one’s financial situation.

In the last 5 years, we have seen a remarkable demand for organic and local food. Not even just organic, but specifically a GMO free America. We want and so desperately need transparency in our food labeling. Just a side note, if it is labeled organic it does not contain any GMO’s. But even with the demand, organic food is still not accessible to lower income families and quite frankly most Americans are not educated on eating organic or anything that goes on in our food system. Most people still don’t know what a GMO is or even what gluten is. So, the demand is certainly there but the knowledge and accessabbility is not.

With that, it is tremendously important to make America organic again. Our society will benefit health and financial wise. “Where there is health, there is wealth.”

With this interesting election coming up in the next few months, changing the food system should certainly be the top priority of the Republican or Democrat Party. As Americans, we have the voice and power to change and revolutionize a broken and controversial food system.

                    NOW is the time to MAKE AMERICA ORGANIC AGAIN!




Sara, “S.O.Eats”