The End of 2020

End of 2020

The End of 2020

It’s finally here. The end of 2020. A time that almost all of us had doubts that we would never see. With March and April feeling like years away from December, we are finally at the end of 2020.

What a year it was. This was the year that I thought would be my best year. It started out that way. But, turns out, this was the year of major redirection. What felt like challenge after challenge was just part of the growing pains of moving forward to a new direction.

It was the end of my 20’s. I turned the big 3-0 in November. I thought that I would’ve achieved some of the goals I had before that time. But unfortunately, the pandemic happened, and everything changed. It’s funny because we can have all these plans and then life gets in the way. But hey, that’s life!

Ultimately though, maybe the things we thought we wanted, actually were never the things that we needed. Maybe we were destined for more or for something greater than anything we have ever planned. We just always have to trust that no matter what, there is something better for us and that everything ALWAYS works out for the best!

This year was also year 11 of my organic journey. I love my organic passion and I am so dedicated to it. But this year, I have never felt so disconnected from my organic lifestyle. Not shopping at Whole Foods or any grocery stores for 6 months had a major effect.

I of course ordered organic grocery deliveries from Whole Foods and other grocery stores. I bought organic products from there, but it was just not the same. Also, as I had mentioned in previous blogs, I couldn’t consistently receive organic products, or the shopper picked conventional products even when I selected organic. It was a nightmare, but I learned to cope. Desperate times surely do call for desperate measures.

We are living through such uncertain times and a lot of products were unavailable. I had to learn that I couldn’t always get organic products. In times of survival, all that matters is that you are sustaining yourself with good nutrients, not whether something is organic or not. This year, I thoroughly learned how to cope with that and learned to not make myself wrong for not eating organic. It wasn’t that I chose to not eat organic, but it just wasn’t always available. That was a hard lesson to learn, but an important one. It truly opened my eyes to reality.

Also, not attending any organic food shows this year affected me too. The conventions are where I reignite my passion and immerse myself in all things organic. It is where I also learn the food trends for the year and try all of the new products coming to market. After those shows is where I then develop new content for my blogs and social media accounts. So this year I have had to create new ways to come up with content, since going to an organic grocery store or food show was not an option.

Despite all of the hardships that this year brought us, there were still many positives that came from it as well. It is all about perspective and how you look at it. I learned a lot and went through some necessary hard growing pains. In the end, I’m thankful for everything that this year has taught me!

I read a quote by Melody Godfred that said “I thought 2020 would be the year I got everything I wanted, now I know 2020 was the year I appreciate everything I have.” That quote resonated with me and it is so true. That was the the theme of 2020.

2020 quote

I appreciate my family, friends, and everyone in my life. I am thankful for everything I have and everything I have experienced. Thank you to all of you who read my blogs and follow me on my social media accounts. Thank you for inspiring me and for letting me inspire you.

All things considered, 2020 was a significant year and the lessons we gained from it are immensely valuable as we continue to go through life. I refuse to deem this year as the “worst year of my life” because it wasn’t. It was just a different kind of year, where we had to learn how to adjust to a pandemic and make sacrifices for safety. This was the year where the small things significantly mattered.

As this year comes to an end, I hope and pray that you all stay safe and healthy. I hope that you all have a better 2021 filled with new possibilities, goals, and dreams. I pray that this world transforms into a kinder and safer place to live. As our world slowly but surely returns to “normal”, I hope that it changes back to a better and new normal. One where we slow down a bit, where we cherish our loved ones, where we aren’t selfish, and where love is the answer.

I wish you all health, happiness, success, peace, serenity, and a magnitude of organic love in the new year. May this next year be 100 times better than the previous one. Here’s to the end of 2020 and a brighter 2021!!

Happy New Year!!

Love always,

Sara, “S.O.Eats”


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