One Year Since Quarantine

One Year Since Quarantine

One Year Since Quarantine 

Can you all believe it? It’s been one year since quarantine! I cannot fathom that one whole year has passed since the world entered uncertainty, mass deaths, quarantines, economic downfalls, mayhem, controversial politics, halted travel, social distance from friends and family, and more. All of that caused by a single virus.

When the media started talking about the virus, we were unaware on what to expect or what was about to ensue. They started talking about a quarantine and lock down in the United States after following in the footsteps of other countries. Nobody knew what that truly entailed. We thought that we would essentially be stuck in our homes for awhile with no way out.

Naturally, we all flocked to grocery stores and purchased food like a zombie apocalypse was about to occur. It also wasn’t just food. Toilet paper, paper towels, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and any anti-bacterial product flew right off the shelves. Those items wound up being sold by price gougers, or scalpers, as if they were selling tickets to the hottest, sold-out concert in town for a high premium.

At the beginning, I felt every emotion in the book. EVERYTHING changed rapidly. As the days, weeks, and ultimately months went on, it got harder and harder. We had to learn how to adjust quickly to this new normal whether we wanted to or not. In this situation, it was either adapt and learn to cope, or succumb to the fear and ultimately destroy our entire mental state.

I learned to deal with the uncertainty of the days as a result of the virus. I took it all one day at a time because in reality, that is all we could really do. Many of the days in quarantine, I spent thinking about my life and about what mattered the most. With the countless days at home, I took the opportunity to take online classes, create videos, write, and try my hardest to keep in touch with my friends and family.

Wholeheartedly, I couldn’t have survived this quarantine and the many days to follow if it wasn’t for my family and friends. I want to thank them for checking up on me, staying in touch, having Zoom calls, and just being there for me even though we were physically apart.

In the one year since quarantine, I am feeling a slight disconnect to my organic lifestyle. It isn’t that I am not living an organic lifestyle, because I am. But the organic lifestyle is very different at the moment. Every time I go to Whole Foods or other organic markets, the shelves are empty, and many organic products are unavailable. It consistently looks like someone panicked bought the whole store. I am not sure what is it or what is going on, but the shelves lack product and look ravished through.

On top of that, New Hope Network cancelled Natural Products Expo West for this year too. Without going to those shows or going to grocery stores often, it is hard to find new organic products and get inspiration for my blog.

I know this is temporary. We just have to hold on and get through this time period. As one of my favorite Broadway musical songs says, “Everything in life is only for now.” I thoroughly believe that. We must hold on and get through the dark days because brighter days are ahead.

As I reflect on this one year since quarantine, I am at a totally different spot in my life. In the craziest of ways, I finally feel grounded and serene, despite the world still in an uproar. Getting to that point took many months to reach! I adjusted some of my goals and I am currently working towards new achievements. Life throws us many curveballs, but it’s how you handle it and what you create next, where the growth comes in.

When adversities happen, they create new normals and new procedures. Eventually, we learn to adapt to those new normals and they develop into the norm. Life is constantly changing and we have to learn how to adapt to those changes. This pandemic has shifted our lives, but many new great revisions will come from this.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the 500,000+ individuals who passed away from Covid-19. My deepest condolences and prayers to you all during this difficult time.

Thank you to our frontline workers for your continued hard work and sacrifices during this pandemic!

Ultimately, this isn’t over. We are not out of the woods yet. We still have a long way to go before things significantly get better. But they will get better and they are starting to! I am praying for your continued health and safety!


Sara, “S.O.Eats”

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