Expo West 2017

Expo West 2017

Expo West 2017 has been the best Expo I have ever attended. This was my 4th year attending and it was amazing. There were about 85,000 attendees this year. Saying the show was huge is an understatement. This year there were booths in the Hilton, the Marriott, 3 floors of the Anaheim Convention Center, and the Anaheim Arena. I normally can do the show in 2 days but this year I attended all 3 days. There were so many new organic and natural products that I can’t wait to share with all of you. It is an exciting time for the natural and organic industry. Just by the growing amount of booths and attendees, the organic and natural industry is growing tremendously!

Just a reminder for those of you who are unfamiliar, the Natural Products Expo is where companies from all sectors of the organic/natural industry demo their products for distributors, food brokers, retailers, consultants, health professionals, press members, and bloggers. It is THE show to attend if you have a natural and organic product that you want to demo or if you are on the other side and are looking for products or suppliers.

Trends This Year

  1. Plant Based Milk
  2. Paleo and Ketogenic diet products
  3. More Vegan products
  4. High Protein snacks and desserts
  5. Nitrogen infused cold brew coffee


I love making my own Stonyfield smoothie by biking and sweating for it. It makes it all the more worth it! And it is delicious too.
Getting to bring my Organic Response Vehicle all the way from Florida was the highlight of the show. Glad I got to take a picture of it outside of the convention center.
When the Rum is gone, drink organic Vodka. Drake’s Organic Vodka
It’s not everyday you get picked up by a banana! This is THE best Banana Milk created by Banana Wave
Getting to meet Cee Lo Green was awesome!



Look what’s coming soon, a natural Non-GMO version of Pringles! And they taste just the same!!!!  


The new flavors of Arctic Zero are delicious!


I left my mark on the Stonyfield cow. 




I had such a wonderful time this year at Expo West! Getting to try new products and meeting the amazing people behind them is the highlight of attending Expo West every year. Look out for full blog posts on the new products I discovered at Expo West coming soon. I can’t wait until Expo West 2018!


Sara, “S.O.Eats”










  1. Thanks for dropping in at the ‘Drinkkoia’ booth. The expo was an outstanding time! The 5 trends you mentioned were very on tune on what I observed as well. I saw a considerable amount of meat products as well such as different trends in beef jerky. Keep up the great work with Sara Organic Eats!

    1. Hi Tyler! It was great meeting you and trying Koia! Glad you had a great time as well. Yes there was a lot of beef jerky and especially beef jerky that comes from Grass Fed cows. Thank you so much!

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