How to Stay Energized with Proper Nutrition

How to Stay Energized with Proper Nutrition


Proper nutrition is extremely important to stay healthy and energized throughout the day. Eating healthy and sticking to a certain lifestyle is challenging in itself. We all lead busy and hectic lives these days, which can certainly derail our health efforts. But just know that is doesn’t have to. With proper planning and proper nutrition, you can all feel energized throughout the day. Continue reading “How to Stay Energized with Proper Nutrition”

Too Much Nutrition Information Overload

Do you suffer from too much information overload about nutrition and diet from the media and others?


This is good,

This is bad,

Don’t eat this,

Don’t eat that,

Today Kale is the best green,

Tomorrow Kale is bad unless you cook it,

Caffeine can boost your metabolism,

Caffeine is bad for you,

Don’t eat eggs they have too much cholesterol,

Eat eggs, they have excellent nutrients for you,

Don’t drink milk it causes cancer,

Drink milk, it’s good for your bones,

Eat meat,

Don’t eat meat,

Don’t use the microwave,

Only eat a raw vegan diet,

This list goes on and on……


If this sounds like an everyday occurrence, well then you are not alone. The media constantly produces information about what to and what not to eat. You can’t turn the news on nowadays without hearing a new story on why a certain food item is going to harm you or about a food item that is now healthy for you. This can make a person confused and frustrated. On top of that, each person has their own opinions on what is good and not good to eat as well. Some people keep their opinions to themselves while others constantly tell you what you should and should not eat even when they have no evidence. When most people tell you what you should not or should eat, it comes from an opinion that is based on their own experiences rather than facts based on real nutrition. Also, many people use fear tactics to persuade you which is never healthy because you don’t know whether they are doing that to sell you something or because it is actual true. That is something to always remember when you are listening to someone talk about food. Most of us fall into a victim of this to the point where you don’t even want to eat anymore or don’t know which is true or not. After awhile, I just stopped listening and got fed up with all those, this is bad one day, this is good the next. It is hard enough to make decisions everyday on what to eat, but to have the media and other people keep telling us that one day something is good and the next day that it can kill you is an awful mind trick. If you really want to get technical, nothing is actually good for you. I mean with all this information overload that we are fed and the foods to “stay away from” there is really nothing left to eat or drink when it all boils down to it.

My number 1 rule of all the information you hear everyday is to let it go through one ear and out the other. It is always good to listen and then educate yourself but it doesn’t mean you must make yourself crazy. Life is all about balance so if you are eating healthy all day, you can allow yourself to have that one cookie, small slice of cake, or piece of chocolate. Life is all about moderation, portion control, and exercise. You must do what works best for your body, as you know it best. What is good for one person may not be good for the other person. Just eat healthy in the idea of what you think healthy is.


Sara, “S.O.Eats”

*Disclaimer- Do not stop eating because of the contents of this article. There is too much delicious organic food in this world to give up now. Always ask a Nutritionist or Doctor if you are ever uncertain with what the media and people are saying on foods to stay away from before you do anything drastic like get your nutrients from solar energy.