Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Date Someone With Dietary Restrictions

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Date Someone With Dietary Restrictions


Have you ever felt an instant attraction to someone and then you found out that they had dietary restrictions? Maybe your first thought was this person is high maintenance, prestigious, stuck up, and you ran for the door before you even asked them for their number. But why is having dietary restrictions a sign of high maintenance, prestige, and entitlement? When someone eats a certain type of way, others get intimidated and view this person as high maintenance or abnormal. They think they won’t be compatible because of their differences in food habits. Or, they think going out to eat will be a constant struggle. It is unfortunate because you could be missing out on a wonderful person just because they eat a certain type of way. That is silly. Food should not be a deal breaker.

Unfortunately, living an organic lifestyle has been linked to a person who is all those adjectives that I mentioned. That is strictly based on the fact that organic is linked to the expensive prestigious diet, which is so untrue. But let me tell you that just because someone eats organic that doesn’t mean that the person has a sense of entitlement, at all.

If you are afraid that the person who has different eating habits will push their views on you and try to change you, don’t be. That rarely happens contrary to popular belief. Remember, you don’t have to change for anyone and no one has to change for you.

It is an awesome experience to date someone who eats totally different from you. It is a great way to learn about new foods and how to be more compassionate for someone who is either forced to have dietary restrictions or chose a new lifestyle. You’ll get to try new restaurants, new products, and new food items that you never knew about.

Luckily, I have not personally experienced rejection because of my organic lifestyle. I have come across some awesome people who have supported me which I greatly appreciate. And, I never try to change someone either. But, to those of you that have been turned down for your dietary restrictions, I just want to tell you that you will find someone great who understands and supports you.

So, please don’t write off a person just because they follow an organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, paleo or kosher lifestyle. Every person has something beautiful to offer you and his or her eating habits should not deter you from getting to know that person.


Sara, “S.O.Eats”

*Disclaimer: Surrounding yourself with someone who leads an alternative food lifestyle and knows how to cook and bake may result in healthier, great tasting food, just saying :).

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