How I Broke Up With My Love For Coffee

How I Broke Up With My Love For Coffee



On January 7th, 2013, it was the end of an era for me. It was the day I decided to cut coffee out of my diet cold turkey, FOR GOOD this time. How do I remember the date so well? It was the first day back to college after a long winter break and it was also one of my roommates 22nd birthday. It was also the first day of my last semester of college. I was so tired in the afternoon after my first two classes and we were going out later that night for her birthday so I decided to have a coffee to wake me up. It was an organic coffee that I drank before so I don’t understand what happened. But it is a day that is still so vivid. Here are the events that led up to the infamous January 7th.

My Dads’ side of the family is Cuban so I grew up surrounded by Cuban coffee. Cuban coffee consists of the famous cortadito (espresso) and café con leche (coffee with milk). Cuban coffee is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. I repeat, HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. When I was about 7 or 8 years old I remember always asking my grandparents for sips of their café con leche. They used to let me even though some of my other family members would say that it was going to stunt my growth. In spite of that, I do not blame coffee for my height of  4’ 10”. As I got older, I then drank a lot more café con leches and other types of coffee drinks.

By the time I got to high school, Starbucks started to open up everywhere around where I lived. I think I used to go there around 3 times a week. Sometimes I would even wake up at 5 a.m just so I could leave the house by 6 to get a coffee and make it to school on time at 7:40. Then when I was about 16 years old, another day that I will never forget, I went to Starbucks and got my usual Caramel Frappuccino. Just to mention, I was not living an organic life around this time. So anyway, I got the Frappuccino and I went to visit my mom at work. I have no idea what happened, but I literally could not sit down and I felt jittery. I was running all over her office and just felt this super high off of caffeine. From that day I knew I needed to change to caffeine free or something. I opted to start drinking caffeine free with the occasional regular coffee.

When I was 18, just right after I graduated from high school, I completely changed my lifestyle to an organic one. With that, I decided to cut out all caffeine and sodas as well. At that time, my best friend told me about this product called Teeccino. It is an herbal coffee made from chicory root but it has no caffeine, low in acid, and actually has many health benefits. It helped with the cravings of coffee and it tasted great. Even in my first 3 years of college where I was working about 30 hours a week in a restaurant and I was a full time student, I survived without any need of coffee. This is unheard of in the hospitality/restaurant industry since caffeine is what keeps workers in the hospitality industry going. College is also the place where the habit of coffee starts so I totally went the opposite way. I used to drink a Teeccino about 4 times a week. One of my roommates from Vietnam used to say that I was drinking “coffee tea” which is a great way to describe Teeccino.

Then, in summer of 2012 I went with my family to Europe where I picked up the coffee habit again. Europe is known for their awesome coffee and local coffee shops. One of the countries we went to was Paris where my sister purchased a coffee from one of the local shops. The aroma of the coffee was divine and it looked delicious so I ended up giving in my 3-year end of no coffee and taking a sip. That little sip gave me an opening to start drinking coffee again. After that summer, I went into my senior year of college and in that fall semester I drank regular organic coffee about 2-3 times a week. It helped me stay up late to study and do homework. I just loved the taste.

So back to January 7th, 2013. After an exhausting first day back to school, I drank an organic coffee. Little did I know, that coffee was going to be the deciding factor that I would never drink coffee again. So, I drank the coffee and right after I felt a lot less tired which was what I was trying to achieve. Then about an hour later, I started to feel jittery, my arms hurt, I had heart palpitations, heartburn, and I felt run down. It felt like the beginning of getting the flu where your whole body hurts although I didn’t feel like I was actually sick. It was honestly the weirdest I have ever felt from a coffee. Luckily that feeling only lasted about 4 hours but I vowed that I would not drink coffee again. I fortunately cut coffee cold turkey without cravings or crashes. Also, I only picked up that coffee habit again for about 7 months so it was significantly easier to cut it out this time.

This is how I ended my coffee addiction using Teeccino

For the first 3 weeks, I drank 1 Teeccino every day. Then on the fourth week, it went to every other day. Two weeks after that, it went to twice a week and then to a couple of days a month. I eventually stopped even craving the Teeccino. Teeccino is an amazing product and taste just like coffee. Just add your favorite creamer and you think you are drinking your favorite cup’o’joe.

These are the two flavors of Teeccino that I use. The Teeccino comes in either Tee Bags or in grounds that you make in a coffee machine.

It has been three years since the day I decided to finally end my love for coffee and to this day, I do not crave coffee at all. I have been offered coffee to try and I won’t even take a little sip. I know where that sip could lead and I don’t want to go down that path again. Even though I do not drink coffee or barely anything with caffeine, I still support organic coffee companies and I like to visit cool organic coffee shops around the world. When I tell people that I no longer drink coffee they look at me like I am crazy or they ask me how I survive the day without it but I am here to tell you that it is possible. Even for a Latina like me, where coffee is a staple at every family function and it is in the blood to drink coffee, I no longer need it or crave it. You too can quit coffee if you have the want, the willpower, and also if you use the best product to help you cut the habit out called Teeccino.


Sara, “S.O.Eats”

For more information on Teeccino please visit their website, .


Disclaimer: Just because this is the way caffeine affects me, that doesn’t mean it happens to everyone else.


  1. The benefit of abstaining from the world’s most popular drug don’t show up right away but after a couple of weeks. No more highs and lows. Your day is more balanced and is not reliant on another “boost”. After the withdrawal (particularly the first 3 days), you start to not only realize you can live without caffeine, but you also understand just how you have fed into a belief that it is normal. Like alcohol – or even tobacco, some can have a small amount occasionally (socially), others abuse it tremendously, and some just have a moderate amount daily.
    I go cold turkey off coffee periodically and I think it is good for everyone to experiment around and see what you feel like. But try to live without it for three months. Your awareness of what’s possible will shift and you’ll wonder why you gave Starbucks 5% of your paycheck all those years.
    I do find some nice benefits with coffee but to not HAVE to have it (i.e. not being a slave to the drug) is key. If you can’t manage an occasional bit without becoming anxious or dependent, then stopping altogether is best.
    TIP: I will often quit during particular stressful times. The first three days you have a headache and our wiped out – but it quells any anxiety because your brain and body literally are just moping around then. I ‘ll have to try Teecino for the next time I quit…

    1. Chad, you brought up some excellent points! I agree with everything you said.
      You should try the Teeccino next time you quit and see if there is a difference than just cutting cold turkey without any substitute.

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