How to be a New Age Hippie


How to be a New Age Hippie 


Have you ever wanted to learn how to be a new age hippie? Well first, what is a hippie?

Hippie (n): a person, typically youngespecially in the late 1960s and early 1970s, who believed in peace, was opposed to many of the accepted ideas about how to live, had long hair, and often lived in groups.

Back in the 60’s, hippies were all about free love and creating peace. They were against war. They refused to accept the conventional society. Hippies were rebels in their own right. They walked around with flowers in their hair, dreadlocks, boho type clothing, or barely any clothing. They ate an organic, natural, and mainly vegan or vegetarian diet. The ones who started the revolution of big organic food companies and grocery chains that we know today were hippies.

Fast forward to the 21st century and today we have modern day hippies. Some of us might think that a new age hippie is considered a hipster but hipsters and hippies are very different. You can be a new age hippie without calling yourself a hipster. True hipsters don’t even label themselves as hipsters, they just live it. On the contrary, according to history, hippies loved being defined as hippies.

You may not find people wearing flowers in their hair, bell bottom jeans, and peace signs all over their necks like they did in the 60’s but you can still follow their same ways.

Here are 20 ways on how to be a new age hippie

  1. Eat a vegan, raw, or an organic diet
  2. Spread peace and love wherever you go
  3. Spend time in nature as much as possible
  4. Lead a spiritual life
  5. Do yoga
  6. Attend drum circles
  7. Grow your own food
  8. Drink Kombucha or make your own
  9. Have a wanderlust spirit and always find ways to travel
  10. Meditate
  11. Have a “go with the flow” spirit
  12. Live a green life
  13. Talk about your chakras
  14. Carry around crystals and stones
  15. Dress like a bohemian, wear flowers in your hair, or have dreadlocks
  16. Attend a music festival
  17. Live in the woods or somewhere in nature far away from people
  18. Walk barefoot
  19. Attend a protest and stand up for what you believe in
  20. Wear less makeup or keep a natural look


Now I know that most of those ways sound like what the original hippies used to do. But, to this day, you can still follow that same pathway if you want to be a new age hippie. You don’t have to wear the same fashion like they did back in the 60’s or 70’s but you can follow their same practices and ideals.

And remember, hippies never followed others and they wanted to forge their own paths. So in true hippie fashion, you can be whoever you choose to be, live however you want to live, and create anything you want for your life.

When it all comes down to it, all hippies wanted was to love others, live spiritually, save the world, find a new meaning for their life, live peacefully, and live freely without conforming to the conventional ideals of society. Love and peace was their motive for everything.

I find hippies to be super cool and so easy going. I love talking to them because they are always so passionate about saving the world and making the world a better place. Also, they always talk about love and peace which is comforting. They truly care about everyone and everything. They are very approachable people to talk to and wise beyond their years.

Our modern society is filled with so many materialistic objects. We are more in tuned to loving things than we are to loving other people or animals. Hippies want nothing more than to live in a loving society, listen to good music, find passion in everything, and love everyone and everything. There is no room for hate in a hippies life. If we all just got in touch with our inner hippies, maybe we would live in a more loving world.

As a true hippie would say, “Love more and hate less.”

“Don’t worry, be hippie.”


Sara, “S.O.Eats”


*Just because I listed ways on how to be a new age hippie, it doesn’t mean you have to follow any of these ways to label yourself as a hippie. You can label yourself in any way you like. If you want to label yourself a hippie and you don’t follow any of those ways then go right ahead. Don’t let anyone label you or tell you who or what you are and how to live. You are the only person that has the power to define your own life. 



  1. This almost reminds me of Own the Day book by Aubrey Marcus in terms of living your best self and some of the steps to do so:

    Change in nutrition
    Get outside and some sun
    Yoga and exercise
    Be apart of a tribe

    This was something I never thought of before. Or at least a change in mindset and view.

    Thank you for this post

  2. I was a hippie. I went out with a lot of hippies . My first child was a hippie and I think still is . I lived in an artists community in Manhattan and still visit a few times a year . I lived in Woodstock for a long time . I lived it . There are no hippies that I know in the town I live in now . I miss them all . Loved your blog .

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