50 Fun Facts

For my first post I would like to share 50 fun facts about me

1. I have lived an organic lifestyle for 7 years

2. I was born and raised in South Florida (both Miami and Fort Lauderdale)

3. I lived in Orlando, Florida for 2 years for college

4. I went to the University of Central Florida to study Hospitality Management

5. I love traveling

6. I love all things Disney

7. My favorite Disney park is Epcot

8. I MUST stop at a Whole Foods Market in every city I visit

9. I am up to 55 Whole Foods Markets that I have visited so far

10. Don’t ever trust me when I say I will be quick in a grocery store

11. Pink, purple, and blue are my 3 favorite colors

12. I am half Cuban but I am not fluent in Spanish

13. Italian rainbow cookies are my favorite

14. My favorite city is New York City

15. I love going to see Broadway shows

16. I love surrounding myself with passionate people

17. I love being around people who love food as much as I do

18. I love making desserts especially any type of cake or cookie

19. I love creating new recipes

20. I like challenging myself to change regular desserts into organic/no artificial colors or flavors/gluten free/dairy free without anyone ever knowing

21. I influenced most of my family to adopt an organic lifestyle

22. Green and Blacks is my favorite organic chocolate bar company!!! The 85% and white chocolate are my 2 favorites

23. I give Green and Blacks chocolate bars as gifts to my family and friends

24. My new favorite treat is Theo Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 

25. I am loco for coco, I love anything coconut

26. I love drinking coconut water straight out of the coconut

27. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip

28. I have played golf since I was 8 years old

29. Tweety Bird is my favorite cartoon character

30. I love every kind of fruit and vegetable

31. my favorite cuisines are Italian, Japanese, and Mexican

32. I love eating homemade salads

33. Dogs are my favorite animal

34. I love dancing

35. I love going on road trips

36. My favorite thing to do is drive by the beach

37. I can not go a day without eating avocado

38. Waffles and pancakes are my favorite breakfast or dinner food

39. I love organic maple syrup, I use it in many recipes

40. I love creating and editing videos

41. One of my favorite hobbies is visiting different grocery stores and searching for cool new products

42. Not a day goes by without me laughing and smiling

43. My favorite vacations are when I go on cruises

44. I love surrounding myself with inspirational quotes

45. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

46. My favorite season is Fall

47. Makeup artistry is my hidden talent

48. I love attending various convention and trade shows (especially food shows!)

49. I love surrounding myself with other health nuts

50. My biggest passion is the love for all things organic


Sara “S.O Eats”


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  1. I loved your website and all your positive comments about yourself. Keep up with the good work, it pays off.
    Very proud of you.

    Love you

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